Monday, December 23, 2013

Android Codes

Android Codes

     Hey Guys many people don't knows how to use Android OS. They buy Android phones but they don't know how to access it. Here is some Android codes to use your Android easy and fast. It will helps you to do your work in speed. Here I have updated Some shortcuts of Android users. It will helps to you to check battery, get back up file, FTA software test and many things. In this Generation you have to be fast so I have updated Android codes to access your phone.

How to Know Who Used Your PC In Your Absence ?

     Some times what happened your are not at home or you would have to leave your computer at that time some one used your PC. At that time you have to know who used your PC and What he done. At that time what should to do. So I have solution for your problems to  Know Who Used Your PC In Your Absence ? And What did he do ?
I have updated simple step to find out solution of your problems.

Friday, December 20, 2013

How to Test if Antivirus is Working ?

     You have an Antivirus. But sometime it will out of date, It will not working properly. But its still working After out of date.

     You have a Question that How it is possible? or how to test if antivirus is working?