Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Classic-Muscle Cars Is All Time Hot Favorite Ever

     Classic Muscle Cars is high power, high performance and narrower muscular car. These cars are enthusiasm and old time automobile. These Muscle cars are two seater high performance car. Also have two doors with powerful sports engine. These Vintage-Muscle cars are 40s, 50s, and 60s of years. A large V8 engine gives the great power to these muscle car. These car are full family support cars. The vintage car started off in 1919. These Vintage-Muscle Cars are incredible car because these car has Incredible power, incredible performance, Incredible looks, all time hot favorite car. The Expansive road racing car very comfortable, convenient and affordable car. At that time these cars famous and people's hot favorite.

Here is the name of the some famous and hot favorite Classic-Muscle car :

  • Rambler Rebel
  • Ford Thunderbolt
  • Plymouth Road Runner
  • Hudson Hornet
  • Chrysler
  • Holden Monaro
  • Ford Falcon Cobra
There are many cars but I have written some of famous car and hot favorite public liked car.

     Vintage-Muscle car has no Safety features at that time of sixties, seventies and around this time. These cars has only seat belts, front wheel brakes and hydraulic brakes. These Vintage-Muscle car is known as American Muscle car. These are old car but these are still hot favorite cars and people like these type of car too much. You have seen in the film of Fast and Furious the Dom and Brian Driving a Muscle car. In-fact Dom has supercharged turbo engine car which has full power and very strong car. Some of people were crazy about these car and still crazy about these car running day. In now day people buy these car and modified these car. Some of Vintage-Muscle car like Impala and Chrysler are too famous and hot favorite.

     Now a day the king of Gondal in Gujarat who has minimum 20 or 30 Vintage-Muscle Car. He has many car of different type. All cars are different with full of power engine, beautiful and strong. 

     In old day people and kings were ride on these Vintage car, you have seen in movie or in picture. It was too fabulous and marvelous and still it is. These cars too famous and hot favorite of everyone so Some people design muscle car with them own ideas and creativity. They put turbo charged engine for maximum power, They do color with creative designed vinyls, strip color, and body paint.  They are adding a tyres with adjustable to drift and drag to car. They making a car soprts, They give beautiful look to them car. So these car ever hot favorite for every one. These car which people liked mostly and every-time.

Beautiful Hot favorite Vintage-Muscle Cars Wallpaper :

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

DLF IPL 2014 Team and Scedule -- Come on IPL ka Bulava aaya Hai

   DLF IPL comes with its new season Pepsi IPL 7 this year 2014. IPL coming with new team and Schedule. Opening of DLF IPL 2014 on 15 april, 2014. Indian Premier League going to be very Interesting and more Entertaining season. This season has eight team to be played. By Schedule of IPL 2014 60 match will be played.