Friday, December 20, 2013

How to Test if Antivirus is Working ?

     You have an Antivirus. But sometime it will out of date, It will not working properly. But its still working After out of date.

     You have a Question that How it is possible? or how to test if antivirus is working?

     I have a Answer for you. Just follow this step.
Here is the some step to test antivirus program . . . . . 

1). Open a notepad and copy the following code onto it, and save the notepad.

2). Rename the file from New Text Document.TXT to

3). Run the antivirus scan on this file.

4). If the antivirus is functioning properly, it generates a warning and immediately deletes the file.

After these steps you will know that the antivirus is working after you don't update the virus.

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