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How to Connect Laptop to TV ( using HDMI ) ?

   You have heard huddled around your laptop with your family and friends trying to view vacation photos or holiday photos or any other destination photos on its small screen. And wanted to browse web service or watch movie or an watch online video in large screen, with a simple connection laptop to TV. Because the size of TV is 21 inch to 70 or 72 inch and Laptop size is up to 15"-17". In old days TVs were in box size and no HDMI port in it and the size of TV up to 30" - 50". But in now Days there are many TVs Available in market which is very slimmer, High Definition and also available HDMI port in it, and large screen. So you can easily connect laptop to TV Using HDMI Cable and make Tv in desk screen.

What is HDMI ?

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is often a private audio/video user interface which is transferring Compressed or Uncompressed data from one to other device. Here we are using HDMI cable for transfer data from laptop to TV. HDMI use in several device like computer monitor, video projector, digital television, or digital audio device

   First HDMI cable were founded in 2003. A many of versions of HDMI have been developed along with deployed because preliminary release with the technological innovation all utilize same wire along with connection. Other than increased audio along with video capacity, performance, quality, resolution, newer versions have optional advanced features such as 3-Dimension, Ethernet files, along with CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) extension.

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How does HDMI Cable works ?

   HDMI is short for High definition Multimedia system Screen. The HDMI cable is usually a single cable that serves seeing that web page link for audio and also video applications. it supports in between device for example a Blu-ray player as well as cable box container and a flat-screen HDTV or projector. The HDMI standard is a set of guidelines for making high-bandwidth between electronic gadgets and device. For the video documented in HD, an ordinary Audio-video part cable an output of 480 pixel/inch. Alternatively, HDMI connectors gives at least the 720 pixel/inch result, thus giving an even more wealthy and vibrant video that creates best scene with High-Definition result. HDMI can make a significant variation in a home-theater system. The present standard can take 1080p high-definition signals, also it excepts 8 channels connected with uncompressed sound, enough for a 7. 1 surround-sound system. HDMI is worked well improved and also increased by simply HDMI Range, that also deals with certifying HDMI converter cables.

Steps for How to connect Laptop to TV ?

  • First of all get HDMI cable by which you can connect your Laptop to TV. If you have HDTV and it placed in wall or a table, by that you can not move that. So put laptop beside you TV or put that place where you can connect your laptop to TV.
  • Connect the TV with HDMI cable. The HDMI port is given in TV and that port given behind the HDTV.
         Some of the TV has 1 HDMI port, some has 2 and some has 3 HDMI ports. You can attach one end of HDMI cable in any HDMI port of TV. But remember one thing if you connect to port 1 of HDTV you have to give input to HDMI 1 or you connect to port 2 than you have to give input 2 in the function of input in HDTV.

  • Now simply connect another end of the HDMI cable in your laptop.
  • As I mentioned earlier the function of the input in HDTV. Now press the input button on the remote of the HDTV. By pressing that button many function can see for example Antenna, HDMI, USB, AV1, AV2 etc. Select the HDMI function. As i said if you have many HDMI ports in your HDTV select that function where you have connected your HDMI cable in the port of HDTV. I mean if you have connected HDMI 1 then select HDMI 1 on the screen or If you have connected HDMI 2 then select HDMI 2.
  • Now you have connected your laptop to TV. You can see laptop as well as your TV Screen.
  • When you connected laptop to TV there is a problem you will face that is screen display problem. But don't worry it is a resolution problem. Because HDTV has wide screen and laptop has small screen. You have one thing to do first of all click right click of mouse on the home screen ► PropertiesDesplay ► Resolution. You can set resolution as the TV screen and then you have connected your laptop to TV.
  • Now you can enjoy the experience of the large screen. also enjoy your HD videos or movies in large screen.

By HDMI cable you can connect many devices like Computer monitorvideo Projector, Digital television, or Digital audio device. This cable is very useful cable for connect electronic devices.

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