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Seven wonder of the Nature

1.  Amazon (South America)
       The Amazon is in South America. Its a very speechless wonder by nature. Ironically its creation was of global cooling that resulted in north-central south america. In other word Amazon known as "The lungs of the Earth".

     The Amazon Rainforest functions are Carbon sink and Oxygen supplier whose beneficial effects are distributed in Worldwide.
      The Amazon's current area is 2,123,562 square miles (5,500,000 km2). "Amazonia" is still the world's largest rainforest and acts an Irreplaceable biological reservoir for botanical stream and zoology stream.

          In present time The Amazon's nearly one third, approximately 668,000 square miles (1,730,000 km2) place is protected to official conversation measures. The river passes through crossing the forest, is awesome, and its passes like a snake is going there.

     In this Amazon rainforest there are many difficult animals like different birds, different animals, like different water animals. Their trees are very big and giant. If once you have entered in this forest, you will never get to the exit point. This forest as beautiful looking as Dangerous. 

2.  Halong Bay

         The most wonderful Breathtaking and Beautiful place on the Earth.
               This is Halong Bay in Vietnam. People really loves this place.It was added to list of UNESCO heritage site. But, it declared the one of "seven wonder of nature of the world" in 2011. It was beating serious "competitor" like Vesuvius Volanco in Italy. Some people have beautiful story of the bay. They told that once upon a time, when ancestors fought with the chinese, god sent the dragons to help vietnamese people. By this war the stone spitted and fallen down, that stone turned into the island. Dragons liked that rocky island and they decided to leave after the war. Vietnamese named the place, Halong Bay where mother dragon landed, which means "a place where the dragon descended into the sea".
      Halong Bay area is 120 Kilometers of a shoreline, as well as over 3 thousand islands in the emerald water. All islands of Halong Bay are rocky. Some of the caves becomes tourist attraction with colourful lights.

      The rough shape of the mountain is became by rainwater. Passing the time heavy tropical rain washed out limestone. The tower karst formation around the world, such as near guilin city in madagascar and in china.
Halong Bay is most beautiful landmark of Vietnam.

3.  Iguazu Falls (Brazil)

     The name "Iguazu" come from the native guarani word for water and big. Iguazu Falls has been impressing look for freshers. The Iguazu River Plummets divides the flow onto as many as 275 characters.
     Visitors likes there's moon light, The roaring falls is best view in moon light. its very beautiful scenery to view moon in clear sky and the waterfalls.

Its an awesome water fall to see.
     The Brazil created Iguazu National park in 1939. But Argentina's first Iguazu national park is opened in 1934. Its a awesome waterfalling place.

4.   Jeju Island

     Mongolian Yuan dynasty established Governor on the Island in 1273. Nearly Hundred years, this Governor controlling this island. In 1416, the island was divided in 3 district, In one part is known as Jeju Island.
     Jeju Island is known as Volcanic Island. It has 6,400 (1,950 meters) high mountain and it is the highest mountain in South Korea. This mountain is known as Halla mountain. This island was measured nearly 73 KM (45 mi) from east to west, and 41 KM (25mi) from north to south. Its 12% area of Jeju is known as Gotjawal Forest. This area was remain still 21 century. its base of lava, its difficult to develop for agriculture. The forest is main ground water source, this main source for half million people of island.
     Jeju's people created a culture from mainland korea. Jeju becomes a home of thousend of legends. In district, Jeju is the matriarchal family structure. The best known example of this is haenyeo (sea women). A little thought is known as that women are better spending everyday in deep water diving because they resist cold well. 

     Bangsatap are small and round tower made by stones. You can see them from nearly. People normally pile up many stones to making shape like tower that says to protect their village from bad luck. When the Bangsatap was built over, No one knows that.
The waterfall of Jeju is Awesome. it is eye cold scenery. Many people come here to make this moment wonderful. Many couple are enjoying this wonder place.

5.   KOMODO National Park

     Komodo National park was Founded in 1980. It is known as "World Heritage Site". The park was established before 1980 to conserve the Komodo Dragons. Its Established in Indonesia consist of the three big island of 1. Komodo 2. Padar and Rincah 3. 26 small island.

     The original People of Komodo, there are no remain people of pure blood and their langauges and culture. Their people are known as Komodo islanders. They are part of Sultanate of Bima.
     The area of the Komodo national park is approximately 670 square miles it means 1,733 (KMsquare). It is on combined sea and Land. The park was created to protect the world's largest lizard, known as Komodo Dragon. This lizard is upto 3 meters length and over 70 kg weight.

     This lizards are of different types,
  • Scinidae
  • Geckos (Gekkonidae)
  • Limbless lizards (Dibamidae)
  • Komodo Dragon (Varanidae)
     4,000 people live within the park. Scuba diving is famous for their high marine biodiversity. 
     The most controversy was caused by the death of fisherman since the1980s. While park patrol claim thy acted in their self.

     Many people visit this park, the number of visitors 36,000 in 2009 and 45,000 in 2010. In now years this number is increased upto 60,000 visitors.

6.   Puerto Princesa Underground River(Philippines)
     Puerto Princesa Underground River Was discoverd in 1999. Puerto Princesa Underground River was known by UNESCO as a world heritage Site. Before this the City govt. managed the National park in 1992. 

     In 2010, A geologist and scientist Found the river has a second floor. This river is in the underground so its called undergroundriver. The cave measured 300m above the underground river, deep water hole in river, rock stones, more river, deep caves and many more.
     The underground river cave is 24 km long and 8.2 km long underground section. The river flowing through the South China Sea and then comes in the Underground river. And also is navigable by boat upto 4 km. The cave has 360 meter long Italian chamber with nearly 2.5 million sq m. volume.
     Researchers have declared 800 plants by them 300 are genera and 100 families and 295 are trees by the dipterocarp species.

     The birds have a largest group founded in the park. 252 birds founded in Palawan and total 165 birds founded in park.There are 30 mammal species have been founded. Other mammal are in the park some like beared pig, bearcat, Palawan stink badger and Palawan porcupine.

7. Table Mountain 

     Table Mountain is a flat at top overlooking the city of Cape town Of South Africa. Its become a attraction of tourist. In here tourist comes for cableway and hiking. The level of Table Mountain nearly 3 kilometers flat at top. Its 1,086 meters above sea level. 
     The flat of Table Mountain is even covered by orographic clouds. When the wind comes from the south side to the slop of mountain than the clouds becomes a Table Cloud. 

     About 2000 years before the Khoikhoi migrated towards the Cape Peninsula from north. The Europeans first sailed into Table Bay. He climbed the mountain in 1503 and named it Toboa do Cabo which means Table of the cape in his Native place. In 1990s Mountain became a part of National Park. The park was renamed to Table Mountain National Park in 1998.

     In 2011, The Table Mountain is added in Seven wonder of Nature of the World.
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