Sunday, January 19, 2014

How to List a Blog (or website) in Google Search Engine? Why it is Necessary?

     You making a Blog (or website) for people. And people will know your Blog (or website). You making a post that people can learn from your Blog (or website). If you making interesting post about interesting things or you making a interesting post about whats happening in world,People will take interest in your Blog (or website).

     If you think your Blog (or website) interesting, so you have to necessary to list your Blog (or website) in Search Engine. By doing this people will reach your Blog (or website). You will get more traffic and your Blog (or website) will be popular.

     By doing this your Blog (or website) will appear in Google Search Engine list or any Search Engine list.

  • Add your Blog (or website) in Google..  Google
  • Add your Blog (or website) in Yahoo..  yahoo
  • Add to MSN..  MSN
  • Add to  ask 
  • Add to AOL  AOL

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