Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Very Easy Way to How to Increase Internet Speed ?

    In running day price of internet data plans becomes very high. Many people are suffering from low speed of internet connection. We know that high speed internet connection is very costly. Many friends ask me How can I boost my speed of bandwidth of internet connection? Is it possible? There are many tips and way available, But I have better tips and very easy trick to increase internet speed.

     My answer is not 100% but It will speed upto 20%. In windows Operating System 20 % bandwidth is always reserved for QoS Packet Scheduler. Means by the changing the settings of it. 

          It has no cost so Let's try it. you can increase your speed upto 20% fast.

Follow the simple step to Increase your Internet Bandwidth Speed.

1)  Open the RUN dialogue box (windows + R). And type gpedit.msc .

          New window will open.

2)  Go to Computer Configuration ► ► Administrative Templates.

3)  Open Network folder. 

4)  Go to QoS Packet scheduler.

5)  Open Limit reservable  Bandwidth.

6)  Enable it by selecting Enable radio button.
7)  Set Bandwidth Limit to 0%.
8)  Click OK and restart your computer.
9)  Now its done Enjoy your 20% Higher internet speed.

Some basic Technique of increase your internet bandwidth speed

1)  Use IDM To Increase Your Downloading Speed.
2)  Delete temporary files by cCleaner.
3)  Use good anti virus .
4)  Keep A Good Maintenance Of Your Computer.

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