Sunday, September 15, 2013

Top 5 Fastest Train in the World

Here is the world's top 5 Fastest train with their Technology and its Speed.
 1). MLX 01

     The MLX 01 of japan is the world's fastest train. With a cruising speed of 361 mph (581 kph) Unbelievable is MLX 01 train. MLX 01 is the part of Maglev trains. As part of maglev chou shinkansen line, it makes use of maglev technology. In this train use magnetic levitation instead of the usual axeles, wheels and bearing. 
     Actually the MLX 01 broke the best record recorded by maglev vehicles. At that time The top speed of maglev vehicles was 310.7 mph (500 kph). However, It is still not used for the public transport, because its breakneck speed may harm for people.
2). TGV Est V150

     The train was a specially designed for high-speed train for breaking the world land speed record. This was built in france and it reached the speed of 574.8 kilometers per hour. It broke the record of 515.3 kph, 554.3 and 542.9 kph. Although the fastest train is run by maglev tech.. V150 has 25,000 horsepower engines and large wheel, this features takes the train to the top of the track. The best speed record was created during a trip from Paris to Stasbourg.

3). ML-500R

     The ML-500R is different designed, the speed was reflected during a test run at the 4.3-mile Miyazaki track of test in Japan. The  ML-500R is the fastest train of the world when it speed was note of 321.2 mph (517 kph). It was developed by maglev technology trains that continue to break speed records of the world.

4). Transrapid 08

     The Transrapid 08 is also known as Shanghai maglev train. It has managed its name in history book for its speed 311.3 mph (501 kph) in Germany's Transrapid test facility. The Chinese Govt. had decided to provide support for the development of the maglev rail line. Its Construction started in 2001. And it was opened to the year after. This is the only transrapid train for the public transportation. It is only in Shanghai.

5). Transrapid 07

     Transrapid proves that it is the one of the world's fastest train publishing a speed of 279.6 mph (450 kph). The Transrapid 07 might be an experimental train. In June 1993 the Transrapid 07 accomplished the test track in Hamburg, Germany. this is created in Maglev technology in Germany, however it was only in 2008 when the engineers decided to make Tansrapid 07 and its sister models.

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