Thursday, September 5, 2013

Charge Your cell-phone without Charger

Now, you do not require any mobile charger to charge your cell phones, Just Charge your cell phone with leaves. Only there is need to use green leaf of peepal tree and after some time you will get your charged mobile.

No soon the... people came to learn this development, they tested it and found encouraging results. 
If your mobile has been discharged and you are inside a jungle then you need not to use any charger. You Should pluck two peepal leaves and your work would be done.

Though it is unbelievable but as soon as the residents of Chitrakoot,Nepal. came to know about the discovery they could not believe the news. 

But when they saw it practically then the incident proved true.

It is very good idea and easy to charge your mobile. You would have to open your mobile battery and connect it with peepal leaf. After that without shaking mobile set you should set the battery in your mobile set. After some time your mobile starting charge.

Whereas according to the botanists, it is just changing mutual energy into electrical energy power can be saved in battery. Similarly, it is also possible. They said that it is the subject of research.

Now hundreds of mobile holders are using this technique and charging their mobiles.

Step of charging your mobile with leaves:-

 Open your mobile cover ► Take out your battery ► Take two to three fresh leaves of peepal/pipal/ashwattha tree ► Touch the stub of these leaves on your mobile battery terminal for a minute ► Clean the mobile battery terminal with the soft cloth ► Put your battery again in your mobile and switch it on ► Now you can see the result ► If required repeat the process with fresh leaves.

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