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Tips How to use iPhone

This iPhone Tips will helps you to use your iPhone. By this you can use your iPhone very easily.

Use + button in camera app in your iPhone :-

     Get out of the focus When you capturing the image. This is the easy way to awesome pics. Fix it your iPhone horizontally with two hands, by pressing down + volume button. Now you can capture the best stable pictures!

You can access with headphones, with same process.

Tweet with Siri :-
    Siri Which is the awesome feature in iPhone. Siri record your voice and work on your voice that you wanted to do from Siri. It allowed you to tweets on Twitter. It is work like a SMS. Add twitter as your contact and tell her to send SMS to twitter.

You can do this with Facebook also.

Siri changed the way to connected to iPhones and It is the best feature of iPhone 4s.

RTF Emails :-
     RTF is now available in iPhone. By RTF you can create your fancy or creative E-mail. It helps font font settings. it also helps your font bold, Italic, underline.

Quick look pics just you took :-
See the image recent you Captured. Click the image you want to capture, then slide your screen Left-to-Right. You can see the picture recent you took. You will be good to go.

Go Emotions :-

If you like to using Emotions, just add it to the keyboard setup. 

Go to Settings ► General ► Keyboard, add Emoji keyboard. you will love if you using Emotions more time.
This is also helps to use other languages keyboard.

Make a reading book of your iPhone :-
     Read the Articles or any paragraph without advertisements, just check out the reader built into Safari. Just click on little reader button next to the URL and your article will come out in easy  to read format.

If you love to read books, articles, etc., you will like this icon.

Tap to the Top :-
   Don't like to scroll on a long webpage and flip back up to the address bar again.
Just tap the top of the screen by the clock and Safari will zip back up and reveal the address bar, no problem.

Update OS :-

The best benefits in iOS is over the air updates, It is as easy as cracking open the settings app.

Go to Settings ► General ► Software Update and you can find out the best Operating Systems to use.

Customize your Notifications :-
     You have already seen your notification bar and played with it, but there are different to keep your apps and how they alert you. Make your perfect app in notification bar.

     Go Settings ► Notifications, and there you can adjust your notification or app in notification bar, this app or OS notify you. You can easily Access any app that you kept in notification bar.

Customs Vibrations :-
     One of the customization available in iOS is custom vibrations. For do that .Just go Settings ► General ► Accessibility and switch on custom vibration in under hearing. Then go Settings ► Sounds. Scroll to the button and go vibration pattern. Tap it to how vibration you want to make. just tap on the glass pattern you want and holding down your finger for longer notes. Then you use this vibrations in contacts, message, or a alarm.

Set your Camera Flash for Alert :-

The LED placed in back of your iPhone not for just taking images in the dark, it can also use for alert or notify beacon. 

Just go to the Settings ► General ► Accessibility and switch on the button for LED Flash for alerts, and something comes what will happening out, the LED will flash accordingly.

When something will happening, the LED will Flash of your iPhone.

Fun with Airplay :-

     iPhone 4S and iOS 5 making Airplay possible for you to display your iPhone screen on your Apple TV. For do that, Double tap the home button for multitasking bar, then swipe to the right twice. Click the Airplay button and select the Apple TV you wan to deliver to, then check off mirroring. For do that you must have apple TV.

Manage Your iCloud Storage Size :-

   Set your storage limit with this Storage & Backup. You can control your limits of iCloud account. Go to Settings ► iCloud ► Storage & Backup and manage your Storage level as you want. 

   You can also buy Storage by "Buy More Storage". you can also Shield if you think you have too much, too.

Dissect your Storage :-

     You have got lots of apps that all space on your iPhone's flash drive, but you want to know that who was using what? and What did he do?

   Go to Settings ► General ► Usage and there's a list of your all apps and how much space they are taking up. By this you can delete apps, or just close down using the app itself. this is very useful and helps to fast your iPhone.

Get Week By Turning Over Your iPhone :-

     If you want to check your rolling week view or check your Schedule, Just turn it over to horizontal orientation. Then you can scroll up and down to see hours, or left and right to weeks. Its a easy to have you just want to see what's coming up next in your week.

It's very Fancy, and it is new in iOS 5.

Watch streets View in Maps :-
     If you want to see Streets in Maps, Pull up maps and search any place, you can see a little orange dude that shows on the left side of the destination. Tap that and you go to street view where you can watch 360 degrees of Map. You can search random area on street view, just drop pin. Usually that orange dude will show up again and you can scope out the area before you head down. You will better Feel to enjoy this street Maps.

Perform a Hard Reset :-
     Sometimes nothing to work on your iPhone, and apps are giving you problems. The answer is a hard reset, which shuts the iPhone off completely   even mid task   and then restarts it. By do this, hold down the lock and home buttons simultaneously for at least 5 seconds, or until the Apple logo appears. When it boots back up, it should be good to go.


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