Sunday, July 21, 2013

Subway Surfers for PC

       Subway Surfers making for more fun place to chase and run gameplay.

       This is the funky runner game. In this game you are funky sprayer who is chased by a fat police man and his loyal dog.  In this game you have to find the way in many trains and streets. you have to collect the coins, with this coins you can shopping from shop bar in subway surfers. you have to boost up's while you collecting a many coins. 

       You can use power boost ups. while you are using a power boost ups, you not die in accident. When you are completed mission by mission, you have up graded multiplication no. .

         now Subway Surfers graphics on Windows machine is just awesome, and the gameplay 
is same too, so you can run and control your buddy using simple mouse clicks and drags.
Now you can choose the display size & hit Play!. 
For any further instructions you can see the Instruction's text file.

Controls of Playing subway surfers

  • For turn Left - Click mouse left button and drag left.
  • For turn Right - Click mouse left button and drag Right.
  • For Jump - Click mouse left button and drag in up direction.
  • For Slide - Click mouse left button and drag in down direction.
  • For speed Boost - Just double click of mouse.

So I hope you will enjoy this awesome game, and it will surely get some fun time

To download this game Click HERE.

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